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Maxima - Automatic water softener - 5 liters

149,000 Ft+áfa Inc Tax: 189,230 Ft

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Softer water is much better for appliances that need water to function. Hard water contains mineral deposits that can build up over time, causing scale and a change in the taste of the water.

This electric water softener is filled with synthetic resin balls. These resin balls become saturated over time. Fortunately, this device is self-cleaning. The salt ensures that the resin balls release the stored scale and are flushed out with the salt water. This process is called "regeneration". Regeneration takes place automatically. You only have to enter the tested water hardness in the device's display, and the system will calculate the most efficient regeneration schedule. The display also shows how many liters of water are available before another regeneration cycle is needed.


Nominal flow: 1.8-20

Electric control valve

Produces hard water during regeneration

Product descriptions

Net weight: 10 kg

Dimensions: Dimensions: W22 x D43 x H53cm

Salt consumption: 0.7 kg

Hydrochloric acid tank capacity: 11 kg

Amount of resin: 5L

230V / 50Hz / 1 phase 3W

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