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MAXIMA Sous Vide 28L

195,900 Ft+áfa Inc Tax: 248,793 Ft

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This can be used for a wide range of sous vide foods and dishes. The advantage of sous vide cooking is that the products retain their flavor and vitamins. Also, cooking in a sous vide device ensures that food does not burn or dry out. It is both compact and very quiet. It also ensures that you need less fat and salt when cooking. During sous vide cooking, vacuum-packed food is left to cook at a constant temperature. Before sous vide cooking, clean, cut or peel fresh things so that the food is ready immediately after sous vide cooking.

Nice and compact sous vide device
Significant capacity of up to 28 liters
Temperature and time can be adjusted separately
Unparalleled accuracy down to <0.1C
Maximum temperature 99 degrees Celsius
Perfect preparation with even water
Flavor, texture and nutrients are preserved
Well insulated machine
Very quiet sous vide cooking - no noise
Digital display on the LCD display
Simple control panel with touch control
With heat protection
Equipped with a convenient stainless steel stand for products
Detachable power cable
Easy to clean
Net weight: 8.5 kg
Dimensions: Size: W570 x D430 x H280 mm
230V / 50Hz / 1 phase 1800 Watt
Net weight: 8.5 kg
Capacity: 28L
Dimensions: Dimensions: W57 x D43 x H28cm
230V/50Hz/1 phase 1800W
Parts warranty: 12 months
Product warranty: 12 months

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