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Maxima Ice machine 45kg/day - food ice machine - water-cooled M Ice 45 -

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With this robust, water-cooled ice maker, you can make 45 kg of ice cubes every 24 hours. Ideal for keeping many drinks ice cold and for attractive presentation of various items.

Very cold drinks, cocktails and juices can easily be served by adding a few ice cubes. With this robust ice maker, up to 45 kg of ice cubes can be used within 24 hours. You can easily store 7 kg of ice cubes in the included storage space. The ice cubes produced by the device are spherical and hollow inside. This so-called under-counter machine is extremely suitable for installation under the counter or under the bar counter.

Automatic water supply

The well-insulated and hygienic ice machine provides high-quality ice cubes. With this water-cooled ice maker, you always have ice cubes on hand, ready for the patio, gazebo or other sunny places. It is also equipped with overload protection, so you can continue working safely without worrying about overloading the ice machine. The cooling system works efficiently and the refrigerant used is R290. You can connect the ice maker to a potable water connection using the supply pipes included in the delivery, so you don't have to manually refill the ice maker every time. With the help of the practical ice scoop, which is also included, you can take exactly the required amount of ice from the container. Several warning lights on the control panel indicate when a malfunction has occurred, when the storage tank is full or when the water level is too low. That way, you know exactly what you need to do to keep the ice machine working.

Hygienic cleaning

Thanks to the adjustable legs, the ice machine stays firmly in place after installation. The exterior of the machine is made of 18/8 stainless steel and is easy to clean with a damp cloth. The interior is made of ABS material, which is easy to clean. To keep the ice maker hygienic, wipe it dry with a soft cloth after cleaning.

Main characteristics

Medium sized ice cube maker
18/8 stainless steel housing and door
Under counter machine
7 kg storage capacity
The inner chamber is made of ABS
Good insulation and hygiene
Overload protection
Equipped with water valve
Standard hollow cubes
Efficient cooling system with R290
Water-cooled engine instead of air-cooled
Quick and easy installation
It stands on four adjustable legs
Easy to clean
Net weight: 28 kg
Ice cube dimensions: Ice cube size: Approx. ø2-3 x H3-4cm
Machine dimensions: Width 39.8 x depth 51 x height 60.8 cm
Production capacity: 45 kg in 24 hours
Power: 230V/50Hz/1-phase 370W
Volume: 0.18 m³
Gross weight: 32 kg

Product warranty: 12 months
Parts warranty: 12 months

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