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Satake Unique Sai Japanese Damascus Nakiri Knife 17cm

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Japanese knife for precise cutting of vegetables, fruits and herbs. This knife is the perfect choice if you want to make thin slices of vegetables and fruits. With its help, you can precisely cut the ingredients into small pieces, and you can even go into the salad or the pan. Different cutting techniques can be easily performed with it, such as julienne or chiffonade.

The thin, rectangular blade shape is ideal for even cutting, while the straight cutting edge allows cutting in a vertical line, which is necessary for many techniques.

It is easy and comfortable to use, and makes it easier to work for longer periods of time.

The history of the nakiri (菜切) knife dates back to approximately the 17th century Edo period. Its distinctive feature is its straight blade, which makes it perfect for precise cuts on all kinds of vegetables. The word "nakiri" literally means "vegetable cutter" in Japanese, and the design of the knife reflects this purpose. The blade is generally thinner than other Japanese knives, allowing for fine slicing without crushing or crushing vegetables. The straight edge also allows for push cutting, a common technique in Japanese cuisine where clean cuts are made by pushing the knife straight down. The exact origin of the nakiri knife is unknown, but it is believed to have evolved from other Japanese vegetable knives such as the usuba and deba. Nakiri knives grew in popularity during the Edo period, when the demand for plant-based diets increased the demand for specialized vegetable knives.

Additional parameters

Blade material - forged Damascus stainless steel VG-10 core forged from stainless steel

Handle material - pakka wood

Hardness - 60 HRC +/- 1

Total length - 29.6 cm

Blade length - 17.0 cm

Blade width - 4.9 cm

Blade thickness - 2.1 mm

Cutting edge design - symmetrical on both sides

Weight - approx. 188 g

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