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Satake Tomoko Japanese bread knife 20 cm

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Satake Tomoko Japanese bread knife 20 cm

This sturdy, serrated knife is the perfect choice for baked goods. It is suitable for cutting different types of bread, whether it is a fresh, crispy loaf, a soft roll or a tasty baguette. The blade is extremely sharp, so the bread will not crumble and the slices will be even and beautiful. The long blade ensures comfortable use even for the largest loaves of bread. When cutting, you don't have to worry about crumbling, the knife gently glides through the bread, preserving its soft inner structure.

The origin of the bread knife is not clearly established, but it is probably as old as the consumption of bread. Early bread knives were probably simple, sharp-bladed knives used for other kitchen tasks. The first knives specifically designed for cutting bread appeared in the 18th century. These knives had a longer blade and a serrated edge, which made slicing bread easier.

Additional parameters

Blade material - U420J2 (Nippon Koshuha) stainless steel

Handle material - natural wood

Hardness - 56 HRC

Total length - 32.6 cm

Blade length - 20 cm

Blade width - 3 cm

Blade thickness - approx. 1.1 mm

Cutting edge design - serrated

Weight - about 75 g

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