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Satake Satoru Yanagi / Sashimi Japanese kitchen knife 21 cm

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Satake Satoru Yanagi / Sashimi Japanese kitchen knife 21 cm

Yanagi is a traditional Japanese kitchen knife with a long, narrow and stiff blade, specially designed for cutting fresh fish fillets into hair-thin slices. The Yanagi knife is not only ideal for the masterful preparation of sashimi, but is also excellent for preparing sushi, fish carpaccio and other delicious dishes, where precise slicing and clean cutting are of paramount importance.

The Yanagiba (柳刃包丁) knife, also known as a sashimi knife, has its origins in Japan. The development of the knife can be traced back to the 14th century, when the Japanese started eating raw fish. Sashimi, the method of eating thinly sliced ​​raw fish, became popular in the 17th century, and a special knife was developed for this technique. The name of the Yanagiba knife comes from the combination of the words "willow leaf" (yanagi) and "blade" (ba). This name refers to the long, thin blade of the knife, which resembles a willow leaf. The blade is sharpened on one side, which ensures a clean and precise cut.

The Yanagiba knife is still used today to prepare sashimi. The precise cutting of the knife allows you to thinly slice the fish fillet without destroying the structure of the meat. The Yanagiba knife can also be used for other kitchen tasks, such as slicing vegetables and fruits.

Additional parameters

Blade material - AUS-8A stainless steel

Handle material - Hard plastic laminate

Hardness - 58-59 HRC

Total length - 34.8 cm

Blade length - 20.8 cm

Blade width - 3.1 cm

Blade thickness - approx. 2.3 mm

Cutting edge design - single-sided

Weight - approx. 182 g

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