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Satake Satoru Japanese chopping bard 18cm

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Satake Satoru Japanese chopping bard 18cm

Chinese bard is an indispensable accessory for Asian cuisine. It can be used for almost any cutting task, be it chopping vegetables, dicing chicken breast, slicing meat, crushing garlic or ginger. Its solid but relatively thin blade enables precise cutting, and thanks to the design of the handle, it provides a comfortable grip.

It is important to note that the Chinese bard is not suitable for chopping bones or frozen food.

The chuka bocho (Chinese bard), also known as the Chinese paring knife, is a versatile kitchen knife that has been used in China for centuries. The knife is typically characterized by a thin carbon steel blade and a characteristic octagonal handle. The origin of the chuka bocho is unclear, but it is believed that the knife was developed during the Han Dynasty (206 BC - 220 AD). At that time, the development of blacksmithing in China led to the development of new types of knives, including the chuka bocho. The knife was first used among the Chinese peasantry, but eventually became popular throughout the country. It was then perfected by Japanese craftsmen at the beginning of the 20th century.

Chuka bocho is one of the most popular kitchen knives in China today. The knife is used in both home and professional kitchens. Popular for its versatility and durability, chuka bocho is an essential tool in Chinese cuisine.

Additional parameters

Blade material - AUS-8A stainless steel

Handle material - Hard plastic laminate

Hardness - 58-59 HRC

Total length - 30.5 cm

Blade length - 18 cm

Blade width - 9.5 cm

Blade thickness - approx. 2.1 mm

Cutting edge design - symmetrical on both sides

Weight - about 260 g

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