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Satake Daichi Gyuto (Chef) Japanese Damascus kitchen knife 20 cm

The most versatile kitchen knife for cutting vegetables, fruits, meat and fish. Thanks to its pointed design, it also copes with various filleting tasks, such as deboning chicken breast, separating pork and beef from the bone, and filleting smaller fish (of course, the job is even easier with a dedicated filleter). The optimal length of the blade ensures easier control and even the cutting of larger surfaces. A high-quality chef's knife is an indispensable tool for every hobbyist and professional chef, it can even be said that it is the "soul of the kitchen".

The origin of the gyuto (牛刀) knife dates back to the Meiji period (1868-1912), when Japan opened up to Western culture. At that time, the consumption of beef was also widespread in the country, and a knife suitable for processing this meat was needed. The gyut is modeled after a Western-style chef's knife, but with a thinner blade and sharper tip typical of Japanese knives.

The word gyuto means "beef knife" and this knife was originally made specifically for this purpose. However, it soon became clear that the gyuto is a versatile tool and is also excellent for other kitchen tasks. Today, the gyuto is one of the most popular Japanese kitchen knives in the world.

Additional parameters

Blade material - 69-layer forged Damascus steel (MVS10Cob core)

Handle material - pakka wood

Hardness - 61 HRC +/- 1

Total length - 33.5 cm

Blade length - 20 cm

Blade width - 4.5 cm

Blade thickness - about 2.1 mm

Cutting edge design - symmetrical on both sides

Weight - approx. 170 g

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