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APPOLSKA AP Flattener Fiber loosener / Automatic meat grinder - 500 slices / hour

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Thanks to the functionality of the automatic meat chopper, it speeds up the work in the catering industry by implementing innovative and efficient mechanical pressing of meat pieces instead of tedious manual chopping. The electric meat grinder produces up to 500 slices of meat per hour. The slice thickness can be adjusted between 0.5 and 3 cm.

The electric meat grinder we recommend is reliable and almost indispensable in restaurants, in the production of semi-finished meals, and in the organization of weddings and receptions. With its help, we can get perfectly shaped pieces of meat from which

- poultry,

- pigs,

- we can make beef slices or roulades.

Press head diameter 30 cm

Dimensions: 60 × 70 × 45 cm

Power: 1.5 kW

Electrical connection: 230 / 400V

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