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Liebherr BGPV8470 ProfiLine Bakery freezer 856/667 l Description

1 969 990 Ft+áfa Inc Tax: 2 501 887 Ft

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5 YEARS official factory, Hungarian warranty (2 + 3 years warranty in case of product registration)

Air cooling

 The high-efficiency fans quickly cool the food freshly inserted in the appliance and ensure a constant temperature throughout the interior .;

Upward opening, removable engine cover.

The cooling components were located in the upper part where they were easily accessible.

The compressor housing cover can be opened upwards for cleaning or repair, making the compressor easily accessible. For example, you can clean the filter of the condenser behind the bonnet without having to move the unit;

NoFrost technology No need to defrost: Liebherr's NoFrost technology offers outstanding freezing performance and thus professional-quality, long-lasting freshness.

To ensure that the freezer is always ice-free and that the food does not freeze, the food is cooled by the cold air circulating, the process completely dehumidifies the interior .;

Energy saving cooling system

The high quality of Liebherr's cooling systems is guaranteed by the company's decades of experience in refrigeration technology and continuous research and development activities.

Liebherr uses only premium quality compressors, condensers, evaporators and other refrigeration components, thus significantly reducing the energy consumption and operating costs of Liebherr units .;

Height-adjustable feet In places where constant hygiene is paramount, there is plenty of space under the height-adjustable leveling feet for easy and convenient cleaning under the appliance .;

SwingLine Their stylish, contoured SwingLine design makes these devices the best choice if you want an outstanding aesthetic experience. With their elegantly vibrant lines, these Liebherr machines are a spectacular and stunning spot on any professional environment. SwingLine doors are ergonomic, easy to clean and extremely easy to open thanks to the full-length integrated handle.




Color Stainless steel

Gross capacity (l)

Number of compartments (pcs) 1

Number of doors (pcs) 1

Temperature range (° C) from -10 ° C to -35 ° C

Electrical connection power (kW) 220-240

Voltage (V) 220-240

Power (HP) R290

Gas R290

Height (cm) 212

Width (cm) 79

Depth (cm) 98

Warranty 2 + 3 years (Manufacturer's warranty. +3 years warranty subject to registration!) 

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