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Igloo Monika 2.5 S - Delicatessen - Extra equipment

1,123,470 Ft+áfa Inc Tax: 1,426,807 Ft

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Basic Color White.
Exterior colors are available at no extra cost.
With internal cooling unit
Static cooling mode (also available with Ventilation cooling)
Plexi sliding door
glass shelves
Painted white interior
Painted white chilled bottom storage
Stainless steel worksheet (non-acid proof)
Inside anodized aluminum profiles (frame) in silver or gold (optional on order)
Curved front glass (tiltable)
Automatous defrost
Adjustable legs
Internal Meat "Deep Pink LED Light (Optional Color upon Order)
Electronic Temperature Controller with Digital Display (Igloo)
Condenser dirt and fan failure alarm

Weight: 220kg
Size of floor [m²]: 1,25
Refrigerant: R134a (R290 - upon order)
Temperature range [° C]: 1 / + 10
Electricity Consumption [kWh / 24h]: 6.3
Voltage / Frequency / Current [V / Hz / A]: 230V 50Hz
Cooling Power [W]: 605
External dimensions: 2520x830x1220 + - / 10 mm

Also available with installed mechanical design!
Available in the following edge sizes: 1310/1510/1710/2050/2520 mm
Available without top glass (self-service).

The glass frame of the cooling counter is delivered in disassembled state, reducing the chances of draining!

Available options - at an additional cost:

Optional LED Lighting Color: White or Yellow
Multiplexable (side-by-side and built-in design - for example, if you like to create a long console)
Stainless steel front panel
Server side of stainless steel
Automatic condenser evaporation
Stainless steel interior
Stainless bottom storage
Acid-proof interior
Acid-proof bottom storage
2-stage stainless steel loading section
1-stage stainless steel stainless steel loading section
2-stage stainless steel stainless steel loading section
Powder painted evaporator
Granite Worksheet - Balmoral (thickness 20mm)
Granite Worksheet - Black (thickness 20mm)
Granite Worksheet - Gray (20mm Thickness)
wheel set
Automatic condensation evaporation
Electronic temperature register + software
Data cable for temperature register
Cooling range (-2 ° C to + 4 ° C)
Analog thermometer
Additional socket with separate fuse
Basket holder for customers (silver or gold aluminum profile)
Removable space divider (half height)
Fixed built-in space divider (at full height)
Fixed built-in stainless steel partition in the bottom storage
Mobile cashier or balance holder

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