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MAXIMA Microwave oven 25L - 900W

55 845 Ft+áfa Inc Tax: 70 923 Ft

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This microwave oven is suitable for commercial kitchens, professional catering establishments and home kitchens. The semi-professional microwave oven has a transparent door without a lock. The advantage of this is that the door can be opened and closed easily. The inner chamber is equipped with lighting, so you can see the products in the microwave oven. At the bottom of the inner chamber is a glass turntable. Use the analog control panel with chrome buttons to operate the microwave oven.

Semi-professional microwave oven
Suitable for industrial kitchen and catering use
Exterior and interior made of stainless steel
Transparent door without lock, easy to open and close
With internal lighting
6 different programs between "low" and "high", also with defrost mode
Low = 20% Power | Thawing = 42% | Medium / Low = 52% | Medium = 73% | Medium / High = 88% | High = 100%
Analog timer for up to 30 minutes
Equipped with a glass turntable
Suitable for plates with a diameter of 330 mm
Net weight: 14 kg
Dimensions of the machine: Width: 483 x D420 x H281 mm
Internal chamber dimensions: H220 mm: W340 x D344 x H220 mm
Hz frequency: 2450 MHz
Power: power: 900 Watt
230V / 50Hz / 1 phase 1400 Watt
Net weight: 14 kg
Machine dimensions: W48.3 x D42 x H28.1cm
Internal chamber dimensions: H22cm
Hz frequency: 2450 MHz
Power: 24 Hz: 900W
230V/50Hz/1 phase 1400W
Parts warranty: 12 months
Product warranty: 12 months

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