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MAXIMA Electric gyros oven - 3 burners - 30 kg meat

396,388 Ft+áfa Inc Tax: 503,413 Ft

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Do they serve the most delicious grilled meats such as shawarma sandwiches and kebab dishes? With this professional kebab grill with three gas burners, the meat is quickly fried to a golden brown all around. The temperature of the burners can be adjusted separately, so you can choose to grill the meat on top or on the other side, or for a longer time. The shawarma grill is mostly used in shawarma shops and grill halls, but it can also be used in food trucks, buffets and restaurants. Since the grill skewer can be precisely adjusted, you always get the best grilled meat. In addition, the skewer can be turned left or right.

Professional grill for preparing danishes / gyros / kebabs / shawarma
Equipped with 3 electric burners with Robax protective glass
The temperature can be set individually for each burner
Except for the stainless steel reflective grills on the sides
Equipped with stainless steel drip tray and filter
Housing, skewer and meat plate made of stainless steel
Reliable engine on top
The grill skewer is adjustable for perfect cooking
The skewer can be rotated left and right
Easy to clean

Max. capacity: 30 kg of meat
Dimensions skewer: 12 x 12 mm
Skewer length: 608 mm
Skewer rotation speed: 1 revolution per minute
Meat plate diameter: 190 mm
Net weight: 29.2 kg
Dimensions: H980 mm
400V/50Hz/3-phase 5100 Watt

Net weight: 26 kg
Dimensions: W545 x D640 x H982 mm
Maximum capacity: 30 kg of meat
Skewer dimensions: 12 x 12 mm
Skewer rotation speed: 1 revolution per minute
Skewer length: 608 mm
Meat plate diameter: 190 mm
400V/50Hz/3-phase 5100 Watt
Parts warranty: 12 months
Product warranty: 12 months

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