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It operates with recirculated air circulation, which means that every 2 minutes the air circulation fan automatically changes direction of rotation (AirPlus), thus reversing the direction of air flow inside the oven. This is good because it makes the oven bake more evenly and beautifully.

Important! We can achieve the most optimal baking results if the hot air from both directions reaches the product for roughly the same amount of time!

Product features:

Equipped with a robust door structure, the manufacturer guarantees a minimum of 1,000,000 openings without failure,

the door is double glazed, inside the glazing the glass facing the oven is covered with a heat-reflecting coating, thus increasing energy savings,

there is a constant air flow between the double glazed surfaces, the role of which is to ensure that the outer door surface never heats up to 60 ° C (this is important for safety reasons), and even the increased thermal insulation of the oven under the cover serves this purpose,

dynamic digitally controlled ovens can also humidify,

preheating can also be programmed,

can also control the steam condensing hood and the fermenter,

the baking program can be divided into 3 technological steps, in each of which we can program the time and temperature separately,

at the bottom of the oven there is a programming panel: a total of 99 programs can be saved in it (this is the case for all classic and dynamic ovens),

of which 6 programs can be stored in the quick access menu,

interior lighting,

It can accommodate 4 460 mm x 330 mm trays,

tray distance: 75 mm,

max temperature: 260 ° C,

standard 6 aluminum trays

Vintage: 2006

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